Operation Rhino – Improvisation 2 (1976)

From the album Fête De Politique Hebdo Lyon 76 by Opération Rhino,  recorded in Paris on the 12th of May and at la Fête De Politique Hebdo in Lyon on the 16th of May, 1976.

Claude Bernard – Alto Saxophone
Philippe Pochan – Cello
Jacques Berrocal – Cornet, Trombone, Tibetan Oboe
Dominique Christian – Double Bass
Harald Kenietzo – Double Bass
Pierre Bastien – Double Bass
Gilbert Artman – Drums
Mallot Vallois – Electric Guitar
Patrice Raux – Electric Guitar
Raymond Boni – Electric Guitar
Evan Chandlee – Flute, Bass Clarinet
Mion Cinellu – Percussion
François Tusques – Piano
Richard Raux – Tenor Saxophone
Daniel Deshays – Trumpet
Itaru Oki – Trumpet
Tonia Munuera – Alto Tuba
Alain Pinsolle – Vibraphone




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