Eric Dolphy – Hot House (1961)

From the album The Berlin Concerts, recorded in Berlin in 1961.

Eric Dolphy (as), Benny Bailey (tp), Pepsi Auer (pf),
George Joyner (b), Buster Smith (ds)












[Dedicated Ronnie Rocket with a Happy Birthday]


Ornette Coleman – Love Words (1979)

Love Words is From the album Of Human Feelings by Ornette Coleman, recorded: April 25, 1979 at Columbia Recording Studio, N.Y., N.Y.

Of Human Feelings explores jazz-funk music and continues Coleman’s harmolodic approach to improvisation with Prime Time, whom he introduced on his 1975 album Dancing in Your Head. [source]

Denardo Coleman – Drums / Ornette Coleman – Alto Saxophone / Charlie Ellerbee – Guitar / Bern Nix – Guitar / Jamaaladeen Tacuma – Bass guitar / Calvin Weston – Drums








[In remembrance of Ornette Coleman. Peace.]

Gigi Gryce – The Rat Race Blues (1960)

Titletrack on the album The Rat Race Blues by Gigi Gryce Featuring Richard Williams, recorded June 7th 1960. The next to last album before Gigi Gryce permanently dropped out of jazz.

The group swings its way through two of Gryce’s lesser-known originals and three then-recent obscurities. Interesting and generally fresh straight-ahead jazz. [source]

Lineup: Gigi Gryce – Alto Saxophone / Richard Williams – Trumpet / Richard Wyands – Piano / Julian Euell – Bass / Mickey Roker – Drums


KANG TAE HWAN – Sora e (To the sky) (1991)

Welcome to the sound of Korea anno 1991. Guess you have never heard a Saxophone sounding like this ? Sora e (To the sky) is fron the CD album Tokebi by Kang Tae Hwan, recorded at Soul Studio on 12 April 1991, released on the Japanese Zen label.

Kang Tae Hwan [강태환 (姜泰煥)] is born 1944 in Seoul, Korea. He began playing clarinet as kid, later, while he attended art highschool, he started on the alt saxophone. In 1978 he formed a free jaz trio and developed experimental improvisations. source

The tone this Korean alto saxophonist gets out of his horn is about as far removed as one could get from the popular, syrupy sound popularized by David Sanborn. It is also not a straight classical sound nor does Hwan sound like any of the well-known free jazz players. He gets a dry sound, splintery like a stalk of cut bamboo. [source]

Tracks: 1. Sora-E (To The Sky) 28:16 / 2. Eien (Eternity) 17:49

Kang Tae Hwan – Alto Saxophone / Kim Yong Toek  -Drum [Changgo] / Kim Suk Chul -Flute [Hochok]