Jeanne Lee – Yeh Come T’ Beh (1974)

Yeh Come T’ Beh is second track on the album Conspiracy by Jeanne Lee.

Jeanne Lee (January 29, 1939 – October 25, 2000) was an American jazz singer, poet and composer. Best known for a wide range of vocal styles she mastered, Lee collaborated with numerous distinguished composers and performers who included Gunter Hampel, Ran Blake, Carla Bley, Anthony Braxton, Marion Brown, Mal Waldron, and many others. [source]

Conspiracy  is recorded in New York, February, April and May, 1974. The album contains 8 different pieces: Sundance / Yeh Come T’ Be / Jamaica / Subway Couple / The Miracle / Your Ballad / Angel Chile / Conspiracy. The mucisians at the album are:  Mark Whitecage – Alto Clarinet / Jack Gregg – Bass / Allan Praskin – Clarinet / Perry Robinson – Clarinet / Steve McCall – Drums / Gunter Hampel – Flute, Piano, Vibraphone, Alto Clarinet, Bass Clarinet / Sam Rivers – Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute / Marty Cook – Trombone

Here is also first track from side B, The Miracle:

Lyrics printed on sleeve:

“The Miracle”

The miracle is… that the layers continue
to be stripped away each time uncov’ring
a center more brilliant and revealing
than the one before.

Amazing… that this should be the way
our love our knowledge and our lives
leaving us constantly renewed.

Knowing you exist anywhere in this universe
makes my world that much larger
and that much more filled
with light.



The Jazz Corps Feat. Roland Kirk – Le Blessing (1966)

Le Blessing  is from the album The Jazz Corps with compositions by Tommy Peltier, recorded October 11 and 12 1966.

Tommy Peltier – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Fred Rodriguez – Tenor, Alto Saxophone, Flute
Lynn Blessing – Vibraphone
Bill Plummer – Acoustic Bass
Maurice Miller – Drums
Roland Kirk – Tenor & Baritone Saxophone, Flute, Manzello, Stritch



Eric Dolphy – Something Sweet, Something Tender (1964)

Second track on the album Out to Lunch by Eric Dolphy.

Much has been written about Dolphy’s odd time signatures, wide-interval leaps, and flirtations with atonality. And those preoccupations reach their peak on Out to Lunch, which is less rooted in bop tradition than anything Dolphy had ever done.  [source]

Eric Dolphy – flute, alto saxophone / Freddie Hubbard – trumpet / Bobby Hutcherson – vibraphone / Richard Davis – bass / Anthony Williams – drums



Operation Rhino – Improvisation 2 (1976)

From the album Fête De Politique Hebdo Lyon 76 by Opération Rhino,  recorded in Paris on the 12th of May and at la Fête De Politique Hebdo in Lyon on the 16th of May, 1976.

Claude Bernard – Alto Saxophone
Philippe Pochan – Cello
Jacques Berrocal – Cornet, Trombone, Tibetan Oboe
Dominique Christian – Double Bass
Harald Kenietzo – Double Bass
Pierre Bastien – Double Bass
Gilbert Artman – Drums
Mallot Vallois – Electric Guitar
Patrice Raux – Electric Guitar
Raymond Boni – Electric Guitar
Evan Chandlee – Flute, Bass Clarinet
Mion Cinellu – Percussion
François Tusques – Piano
Richard Raux – Tenor Saxophone
Daniel Deshays – Trumpet
Itaru Oki – Trumpet
Tonia Munuera – Alto Tuba
Alain Pinsolle – Vibraphone



Sun Ra And His Arkestra – Springtime Again (1979)

Springtime Again is from the album Sleeping Beauty  by  Sun Ra And His Arkestra.

This is the great late-night Sun-Ra chillout album you never knew about. The band had been working in a more groove-oriented setting off and on for over a year, as evidenced by the albums Lanquidity and On Jupiter, with both featuring prominent electric bass and electric guitar. Sleeping Beauty picks up right where On Jupiter left off, with the gentle, swaying “Springtime Again” echoing the same mellow vibe of “Seductive Fantasy” from On Jupiter. A skittering intro coalesces as different instruments pick up bits of the melody, which is then fully expressed by the horn section and ensemble vocals. It’s a simple two-chord vamp, with beautiful solos that seem to embody the reawakening and rebirth of springtime. There’s a good reason copies of this album go for several hundred dollars on the collector’s market, but it really deserves a proper release so more people can hear it. Outstanding. [source]

Richard Williams – Bass / Eloe Omoe – Bass Clarinet, Flute / James Jacson – Bassoon, Flute, Percussion / Luqman Ali – Drums / Disco Kid – Electric Guitar / Marshall Allen – Flute, Alto Saxophone / Danny Ray Thomson – Flute, Baritone Saxophone / Vincenet Chancey – French Horn / Atakatune – Percussion / Sun Ra – Piano, Electric Piano, Vocals, John Gilmore – Tenor Saxophone, Percussion / Craig Harris – Trombone / Tony Bethel – Trombone / Walter Miller – Trumpet / Michael Ray – Trumpet, Flugelhorn / Harry Wilson – Vibraphone / June Tyson – Vocals



Booker Little – Moods In Free Time (1961)

Moods In Free Time is from the album Out Front by Booker Little, recorded in New York, spring 1961, and first released on Candid ame year.

Booker Little was the first trumpet soloist to emerge in jazz after the death of Clifford Brown to have his own sound. His tragically brief life (he died at age 23 later in 1961) cut short what would have certainly been a major career. Little, on this sextet date with multi-reedist Eric Dolphy, trombonist Julian Priester, and drummer Max Roach, shows that his playing was really beyond bebop. His seven now-obscure originals (several of which deserve to be revived) are challenging for the soloists and there are many strong moments during these consistently challenging and satisfying performances. [source]

Booker Little – Trumpet
Eric Dolphy – Alt Saxophone, Flute, Bass Clarinet
Ron Carter – Bass
Julian Priester – Trombone
Max Roach – Drums, Vibraphone
Don Friedman – Piano



Bill Dixon & Exlploding Star Orchestra – Constellations For Innerlight Projections (For Bill Dixon) (2007)

A live-in-the-studio recording documenting the material debuted at a 2007 Chicago gig by free jazz legend Bill Dixon and fellow trumpeter Rob Mazurek´s current group the Exploding Star Orchestra, this set consists of Dixon´s two-part “Entrances” and Mazurek´s “Constellations for Innerlight Projections (For Bill Dixon).” [source]

Matthew Lux – Bass
Matt Bauder – Clarinet, Saxophone
Josh Berman – Cornet
Jason Ajemian – Double Bass
John Herndon – Drums
Mike Reed – Drums, Timpani
Nicole Mitchell – Flute, Voice
Jeff Parker – Guitar
Jim Baker – Piano
Rob Mazurek – Cornet
Jeb Bishop – Trombone
Bill Dixon – Trumpet
Jason Adasiewicz – Vibraphone, Bells [Tubular]
Damon Locks – Voice