Peter Evans Quintet – Stardust (2011)

If you don’t find the sounds of bop jazz dizzying enough, maybe the added effects and sonic confetti shimmering throughout “Stardust” will keep your ears attentive. This track soars through about every dynamic feat a song could, and no trips in sight. [Source] Continue reading Peter Evans Quintet – Stardust (2011)

Peter Evans Quintet – …One to Ninety Two (2011)

The Peter Evans Quintet’s Ghosts acts as a sort of back-to-the-future recording—that is, if the present were 2021. This inaugural release on the trumpeter’s own label has a standard trumpet/piano/bass/drums setup, plus the incorporation of real-time, live electronic processing to make up the full quintet. Listening to any recording by Evans often prompts the dubious query, “What did I just hear?” since this über-talent is … Continue reading Peter Evans Quintet – …One to Ninety Two (2011)