Sun Ra – The Magic City (1965)

The boundaries of Sun Ra’s self-proclaimed “space jazz” underwent a transformation in the mid-’60s. The Magic City is an aural snapshot of that metamorphic process. Many enthusiasts and scholars consider this to be among Ra’s most definitive studio recordings. [source] Alto Saxophone – Harry Spencer / Alto Saxophone, Flute – Danny Davis / Alto Saxophone, Flute, Oboe, Piccolo Flute – Marshall Allen / Baritone Saxophone, … Continue reading Sun Ra – The Magic City (1965)

Gil Evans – “Little Wing” (1986)

Recording from Gil Evans´ Concert in Jazzhouse Montmartre, Copenhagen 13. juli 1986. Lew Soloff – Trumpet / Miles Evans – Trumpet / Shunzo Ono – Trumpet / David Taylor – Trombone / Tom Malone – Trombone / Chris Hunter – Alto Saxophone / John Surman – Barytone Saxophone /  Dave Bardien – French Horn / Delmar Brown – Keyboard / Gill Evans – Keyboard / Kenwood … Continue reading Gil Evans – “Little Wing” (1986)

Hamiet Bluiett – Footprints (1983)

From the album Bearer of the Holy Flame by Hamiet Bluiett, recorded on July 25 in 1983 and released in 1984 on Black Fire. Tracks on Bearer of the Holy Flame : Footprints / EBU / Song Song / Headless Blues / I´ll Close My Eyes / Gumbo (Vegetarian Style) Hamiet Bluiett – Baritone Sax, Clarinet, Alto flute John Hicks – Piano Fred Hopkins – Bass Marvin Smitty Smith – Drums … Continue reading Hamiet Bluiett – Footprints (1983)

Anthony Braxton – All The Things You Are (1972)

All The Things You Are is from the album Town Hall 1972 by Anthony Braxton, recorded on 22 May 1972 at Town Hall, NYC For those seeking the deep roots of Anthony Braxton´s numbered series of compositions — numbering close to 200 — this 1972 concert is essential in that it features live recordings of “Composition 1” (for percussionist Jerome Cooper), “Composition 2” (for pianist Frederic Rzewski), and “Composition … Continue reading Anthony Braxton – All The Things You Are (1972)

Human Arts Ensemble with Oliver Lake & Lester Bowie – Under The Sun (1973) (full album)

Under The Sun is recorded in July 1973 in St. Louis, Missouri under the sun. The album is produced by the Committee for Universal Justice and released in 1974 on Universial Justice Records. Side A. “Lover´s Desire” (26:00) is a free music symphony based on an Afganistan folk melody, ‘Lover’s Desire’  transcribed from radio Kabul. Arranged by Charles W. Shaw, James Marshall, Marty Ehrlich.       … Continue reading Human Arts Ensemble with Oliver Lake & Lester Bowie – Under The Sun (1973) (full album)

Dave Holland – Conference Of The Birds (1972)

Conference Of The Birds is the titletrack (last track on side A) on the album by bassist Dave Holland. Conference of the Birds is an album by the Dave Holland Quartet, recorded in 1972 and released in 1973. It is jazz bassist Holland’s second collaboration with composer and saxophonist Anthony Braxton, as well as his second album on EMC records. The liner notes describe how birds would congregate … Continue reading Dave Holland – Conference Of The Birds (1972)

Albert Ayler – Angels (1966)

Angels is the second track on the side B on the album Spirits Rejoice by Albert Ayler, recorded and released in 1965. Recorded live at New York’s Judson Hall in 1965, Spirits Rejoice is one of Albert Ayler´s wildest, noisiest albums, partly because it’s one of the very few that teams him with another saxophonist, altoist Charles Tyler. It’s also one of the earliest recordings to feature Ayler´s brother … Continue reading Albert Ayler – Angels (1966)