Don Cherry and the Jazz Composer’s Orchestra – Tantra (1973)

“If we’re going to speak about words, we could talk about a word like ‘aum.’ Because you don’t say the word ‘aum,’ you sing it. And you have to sing it where you use the ‘a’ as ‘ah,’ which is the throat. Then you’re singing, sustaining the tone ‘ah.’ Then you go to the ‘u,’ and then you reach the ‘m’ and you’ve liberated the … Continue reading Don Cherry and the Jazz Composer’s Orchestra – Tantra (1973)

Frank Lowe – Fresh (1975)

Fresh is the third and very dynamic composition by Frank Lowe on the album Fresh. Three tracks are Lowes own compositions and two are originally by Thelonious Monk.  The first four tracks on the album are recorded March 7, 1975, while the last track is recorded the year before. Frank Lowe was extremely influenced by the first and second waves of free jazz. Abdul Wadud – Cello / Charles … Continue reading Frank Lowe – Fresh (1975)

Arthur Blythe – Carespin’ With Mamie (1980)

From the album Illusions by Arthur Blythe, recorded at CBS Recording Studios, New York , 1980. It is surprising how artistically productive altoist Arthur Blythe was during his period on Columbia. Despite the hype and Columbia’s reputation for pressuring artists to play mass-appeal music, Blythe´s recordings for that label are inventive and creative. For this, his third Columbia release, Blythe uses two different groups: an “in the tradition” … Continue reading Arthur Blythe – Carespin’ With Mamie (1980)

Billie Holliday / Ray Ellis & His Orchestra – I’m a Fool To Want You (1958)

First track on the album Lady In Satin by Billie Holliday and Ray Ellis & His Orchestra , recorded 19–21 February 1958, released on Columbia same year. This is the most controversial of all Billie Holiday records. Lady Day herself said that this session (which finds her accompanied by Ray Ellis´ string orchestra) was her personal favorite, and many listeners have found her emotional versions of such songs as “I’m … Continue reading Billie Holliday / Ray Ellis & His Orchestra – I’m a Fool To Want You (1958)

Operation Rhino – Improvisation 2 (1976)

From the album Fête De Politique Hebdo Lyon 76 by Opération Rhino,  recorded in Paris on the 12th of May and at la Fête De Politique Hebdo in Lyon on the 16th of May, 1976. Claude Bernard – Alto Saxophone Philippe Pochan – Cello Jacques Berrocal – Cornet, Trombone, Tibetan Oboe Dominique Christian – Double Bass Harald Kenietzo – Double Bass Pierre Bastien – Double Bass Gilbert Artman – Drums Mallot Vallois – Electric Guitar … Continue reading Operation Rhino – Improvisation 2 (1976)

Mal Waldron with Eric Dolphy – Warm Canto (1961)

Recorded 27 June 1961. From the album The Quest. The Quest is an album by American jazz pianist Mal Waldron recorded in 1961 and released on the New Jazz label. Some reissues of the album appear under Eric Dolphy´s name. [source] Joe Benjamin – Bass Ron Carter – Cello Eric Dolphy – Clarinet, Alto Saxophone Charlie Persip – Drums Mal Waldron – Piano     Continue reading Mal Waldron with Eric Dolphy – Warm Canto (1961)