Don Pullen – New beginnings (1988)

New Beginnings is from the album New beginnings by Don Pullen, recorded in New York City on December 12, 1988 and released on Blue Note in 1989.

Don Pullen (December 25, 1941 – April 22, 1995) was an American jazzpianist and organist. Pullen developed a strikingly individual style throughout his career. He composed masterworks ranging from blues to bebop and modern jazz. The great variety of his body of work makes it difficult to pigeonhole his musical style. [source]

To my ears, the sweetest music on this set comes from the third album, New Beginnings, which places Pullen in a trio with bassist Gary Peacock and drummer Tony Williams. For a one-off unit, it sounds amazingly connected. Part of the success of the venture comes from the rhythm section’s forward, muscular stance. Peacock’s an amazingly versatile bassist, and here he not only offers due respect for vamps and the groove, but works the nooks and crannies in unexpected ways.

Pieces like “Once Upon a Time,” “Warriors,” and “New Beginnings” build from relatively simple vamp-oriented foundations, which offer Pullen ample opportunity to engage in his signature swoops and swirls. For some listeners, the intensity may be over the top, so be aware. But to hear the pianist fly free, launched skyward by sympathetic players who share his affinity for outer sounds, is high-octane rocket fuel for the soul. [source]

Gary Peacock – Bass / Tony Williams – Drums / Don Pullen – Piano




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