Miles Davis – On the Corner (1972) (Full Album)

On the Corner is a studio album by jazz musician Miles Davis, recorded in June and July 1972 and released later that year on Columbia Records. It was scorned by critics at the time of its release and was one of Davis’s worst-selling recordings. Its critical standing has improved dramatically with the passage of time, as it is now seen as a strong forerunner of the musical techniques of post punk, hip hop, drum and bass, and electronic music. [source]

I didn’t discover that until ten years ago but I love the grooves on it and it’s interesting in that there’s no melodies. It’s sounds like electronic music, except it has the fortunate aspect of being played by humans. It’s influenced obviously by James Brown, one of my favourite artists. James Brown is like the Bach of modern music, a fantastic composer, so complicated and yet so much below the hips as well. I love On the Corner because it’s kind of abstract but also so compulsive. I guess it’s uncharacteristic for Miles, and it caused a lot of controversy at the time. I’m not so fond of, say, Bitches Brew, with the electric guitar, but I also love Sketches of Spain, with the great arranger, Gil Evans, who also did Out Of The Cool. I like really arranged and cinematic jazz. That’s enough on that one! [source]

All songs written by Miles Davis: A1, On the Corner; New York Girl; Thinkin’ One Thing and Doin’ Another; Vote for Miles – 20:02 / A2, Black Satin – 5:20 / B1, One and One” – 6:09 / B2, Helen Butte; Mr. Freedom X – 23:18

Miles Davis – Electric Trumpet with wah-wah
Dave Liebman – Soprano Saxophone (A2)
Carlos Garnett – Soprano and Tenor Saxophone (B1, B2)
Chick Corea – Electric Piano (A1)
Herbie Hancock – Electric Piano, Synthesizer
Harold I. Williams – Organ, Synthesizer
Lonnie Liston Smith – Organ (B2)
David Creamer – Electric guitar (A2, B1, B2)
John McLaughlin – Electric Guitar (A1)
Michael Henderson – Electric Bass with Wah Wah
Collin Walcott – Electric Sitar (A1, B1, B2)
Khalil Balakrishna – Electric Sitar (A2)
Bennie Maupin – Bass Clarinet (B1)
Badal Roy – Tabla
Jack DeJohnette – Drums
Billy Cobham – Drums
Al Foster – Drums
Jabali Billy Hart – Drums, Bongos
James “Mtume” Foreman – Percussion
Don Alias – Percussion
Paul Buckmaster – Cello, Arrangements




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