Sun Ra – Friendly Galaxy (1965)

When you need to keep your brain and heart vibrating, just listen to Sun Ra and the smile will spread like wildfire. Friendly Galaxy is from the album Secrets of the Sun by Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra, recorded at the Choreographers’ Workshop in 1962 in New York and released in 1965.

This is an interesting album for Ra fans because it’s such a small band and shows how new ideas were taking hold in the music, not to mention Gilmore’s use of bass clarinet, which he stopped playing completely sometime in the ’60s. [source]

Sun Ra – Harp, Piano, Gong / John Gilmore – Space Bird Sounds, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Drums, Percussion / Art Jenkins – Space Voice / Calvin Newborn – Guitar, Electric Guitar / Marshall Allen – Flute, Alto Saxophone, Percussion / Pat Patrick – Flute, Baritone Saxophone, Bongos / Eddie Gale – Trumpet / Al Evans – Flugelhorn / Ronnie Boykins – Bass / Tommy Hunter – Drums, Tape Effects / C. Scoby Stroman – Drums / Jimmy Johnson – Percussion



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