Archie Shepp – Body And Soul (1969)

Recorded August 12, 1969 in Paris. Last track on the B side of the album Yasmina, a Black Woman by Archie Shepp.

It features musicians from the Art Ensemble of Chicago. The first track, giving its title to the album, is a long free jazz piece by an eleven-piece orchestra; in it, the references to Africa that Shepp had experimented with only a few weeks earlier in Algiers are to be found in the use of African percussion instruments, or the African incantations sung by Shepp himself at the beginning of the track. The other two pieces, a homage to Sonny Rollins written by trombonist Grachan Moncur III and a standard, played by a more traditional quintet and quartet respectively, are more reminiscent of the hard bop genre, although the fiery playing of the musicians, notably Shepp himself, gives them a definite avant-garde edge. [source]

Archie Shepp – tenor saxophone
Dave Burrell – piano
Malachi Favors – bass
Philly Joe Jones – drums.










[via Ronnie Rocket]


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