Archie Shepp – Body And Soul (1969)

Recorded August 12, 1969 in Paris. Last track on the B side of the album Yasmina, a Black Woman by Archie Shepp. It features musicians from the Art Ensemble of Chicago. The first track, giving its title to the album, is a long free jazz piece by an eleven-piece orchestra; in it, the references to Africa that Shepp had experimented with only a few weeks earlier in … Continue reading Archie Shepp – Body And Soul (1969)

Derek Bailey & Han Bennink – An old woman is shelling beans inside her privy parts. It sounds “like the deep croaking of a frog” (1969)

First track on the duo album Derek Bailey / Han Bennink by Derek Bailey / Han Bennink. Recorded on July 30, 1969 at Studio Andre van de Water, Nederhorst den Berg (The Netherlands). Derek Bailey – guitar Han Bennink – drums, oboe, gachi, conch   Continue reading Derek Bailey & Han Bennink – An old woman is shelling beans inside her privy parts. It sounds “like the deep croaking of a frog” (1969)

Rashaan Roland Kirk – Say A Little Prayer (1969)

Supershow was a music documentary film made in 1969, which was directed by John Crome and produced by Tom Parkinson. This film was intended to be Britain’s first music ‘super session’, with several famous blues, jazz and rock artists of the time coming together to be filmed whilst performing. The project was instigated by the Colour Tel film company, the recent credits of which included … Continue reading Rashaan Roland Kirk – Say A Little Prayer (1969)

Archie Shepp – Blasé (1969)

Recorded, August 16, 1969, Paris. As the ’60s drew to a close in a hail of blood and lead, jazz gradually began to close its doors. What had blossomed in the ’50s and ’60s as young men struggled to raise a music out of the whorehouses of New Orleans and into the concert halls turned into something less and more than it had been. Musicians … Continue reading Archie Shepp – Blasé (1969)

Clifford Thornton – Pan African Festival (1969)

From the album Ketchaoua by Clifford Thornton , recorded August 18, 1969 in Paris , France. Released on  BYG records in 1969. Clifford Thornton’s only Actuel date as a leader is, like many of the others in this BYG series, an all-star blowing session highly indicative of the times. For some, it will be difficult to tell whether taking credit for composing these pieces is a lost cause. … Continue reading Clifford Thornton – Pan African Festival (1969)

Jacques Coursil Unit – Paper (1969)

Paper is written by Bill Dixon and is side B of the album Way Ahead  by Jacques Coursil Unit. The album is recorded on July 7 & 8, 1969, Studio Saravah, in Paris. Released same year on BYG Records. Tracks : A1, Duke (J. Coursil) (10.10) / A2, Fidel (J. Coursil) (7:42) / B, Paper (B. Dixon) (18:14) Arthur Jones – Alto Saxophone Beb Guérin – Bass Claude Delcloo … Continue reading Jacques Coursil Unit – Paper (1969)

Pharoah Sanders – Balance (1969)

Balance is second track on Izipho Zam (My Gifts) by Pharoah Sanders, recorded January 14, 1969 and released on Strata-East in 1973. Two years after the death of his mentor and boss, John Coltrane, and just before signing his own contract with Impulse!, Pharoah Sanders finally got around to releasing an album as a leader apart from the Impulse! family. Enlisting a cast of characters no less than 13 … Continue reading Pharoah Sanders – Balance (1969)