Sidney Bechet – Petite Fleur (1954)

Petite Fleur is recorded at the Olympia Concert Paris, December 8, 1954.

Bechet relocated to France in 1950 after performing as a soloist at the Paris Jazz Fair. His performance at the fair resulted in a surge in his popularity in France. After that, Bechet had little problem finding well-paid work in France. In 1951, Bechet married Elisabeth Ziegler in Antibes, France.

In 1953, he signed a recording contract with French Vogue, which lasted for the rest of his life. He recorded many hit tunes, including “Les Oignons”, “Promenade aux Champ Elysees,” and the international hit “Petite Fleur”. He also composed a classical ballet score in the late Romantic style of Tchaikovsky, called La Nuit est sorcière (The Night Is a Witch). Existentialists in France called him “le dieu”. [source]

Sidney Bechet – Soprano Saxophone / Roland Bianchini – Bass / Marcel Blanche – Drums / Pierre Dervaux – Trumpet / Claude Luter – Clarinet / Claude Philippe – Banjo /                   Benny Vasseur – Trombone / Gilles Thibault – Trompet / Yannick Singery – Piano



[via Ronnie Rocket, thanks a lot]


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