Jacques Coursil – Black Suite Part 1 (1969)

Black Suite Part 1 is side A of the album Black Suite by Jacques Coursil, recorded June 10, 1969 in Paris. The album is one of the unique releases on BYG Records; French label formed in Paris, France, in 1967.

This amazing trumpeter led two album sessions for BYG, both highly respected projects. This might be the one to take off to the desert island, as the presence of Anthony Braxton as part of the band really makes for an intoxicating brew, if abstract free jazz is the cup of tea on order. Braxton is just fantastic in a collaboratory role, cutting loose with even more of an edge than when leading the band and adding texture with his contrabass clarinet that brings to mind the fog rolling into the forest right before the scene where the villagers storm the evil castle. [source]

Jacques Coursil – Trumpet
Anthony Braxton – Contra-Bass Clarinet
Arthur Jones – Alto Saxophone
Bob Guerin – Bass
Claude Delcloo – Drums
Burton Greene – Piano






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