David Murray Octet – The Fast Life (1980)

Track One on the album Ming by David Murray Octet, recorded July 25 & 28, 1980 at Right Track Recording Studios, New York.

Ming is the third album by David Murray  to be released on the Italian Black Saint label and the first to feature his Octet. It was released in 1980 and features performances by Murray, Henry Threadgill, Olu Dara, Lawrence “Butch” Morris, George Lewis, Anthony Davis, Wilbur Morris and Steve McCall. [source]

All compositions by David Murray : 1. The Fast Life (8:54) / 2. The Hill (10:39) / 3. Ming (4:28) / 4. Jasvan (8:51) / 5. Dewey’s Circle (6:36)

Line up:
Henry Threadgill – Alto Saxophone
Wilbur Morris – Bass
Lawrence “Butch” Morris – Cornet
Steve McCall – Drums, Percussion
Anthony Davis – Piano
David Murray – Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
George Lewis – Trombone
Olu Dara – Trumpet











[the title track; Ming]


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