Don Cherry – Eternal Rhythm (1968) (full album)

Eternal Rhythm is a live jazz album composed by Don Cherry. It was recorded at the Berlin Jazz Festival in 1968. [source]

Tracks: A. Eternal Rhythm Part 1 (17:45) / B. Eternal Rhythm Part 2 (23:37)

Albert Mangelsdorff – Trombone
Eje Thelin – Trombone
Bernt Rosengren – Tenor Saxophone, Oboe, Clarinet, Flute
Sonny Sharrock – Guitar
Karl Berger – Vibraphone, Piano, Gender (Gamelan)
Joachim Kühn – Piano, Prepared Piano
Arild Andersen – Bass
Jacques Thollot – Drums, Saron (gamelan), Gong, Bells, Voice
Don Cherry  – Cornet, Gender and Saron (Gamelan), Bengali, Flute in A, Bamboo Flute in C, Metal Flute in B flat, Plastic Flute in C, Haitian Guard, Northern Bells, Voice




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