Terry Riley – Music for the Gift III (1963)

Music for the Gift in 5 pieces, is recorded in Paris at Radio France in 1963. Music for the Gift part three is from the CD of same name by Terry Riley, released in 2000 on Cortial Foundation.

This is the kick-off CD in the Terry Riley Archive Series sponsored by the Cortical Foundation label under their new imprint, Organ of Corti. This CD brings together four important early tape works by Riley and reveals how deeply he influenced so much of the tape-delay, cut-and-splice method of music creation begun in the late ’60s. “The Gift” is the work that opens the album, a jazz piece performed by Chet Baker with his quartet, and featuring tape manipulations by Riley using a delay mechanism through two looped tape recorders. All of it performed live for French radio. Over five sections the jazz quartet is eventually displaced and becomes part of a unit of sound that repeats itself, over and over again, whether it be the trumpet, a vocal, or the rhythm section, creating — unintentionally, of course — the precursor to the work that would become “In C,” and create the entire minimalist movement. [source]

Luigi Trussardi – Bass
George Solano – Drums
Terry Riley – Tape (manipulation)
Luis Fuentes – Trombone
Chet Baker – Trumpet
John Graham – Voice























[with thanks to Adrian Aurelius]


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