Miles Davis – Seven Steps to Heaven (1963)

Title Track on the album Seven Steps to Heaven by Miles Davis. It’s easy to pigeonhole this ’63 Miles Davis recording as a “transition” period between his classic quintets, but one thing is quite clear: Miles was always in transition. Each Davis band was going through a musical or personnel metamorphosis, so we might as well simply take the music on its own terms and forget … Continue reading Miles Davis – Seven Steps to Heaven (1963)

Charles Mingus – Myself When I Am Real (1963)

Myself when I’m real is the opening track on the album Mingus Plays Piano by Charles Mingus, recorded and released in 1963. Mingus Plays Piano is a 1963 solo jazz album by Charles Mingus. The album is notable for Mingus’ departure from his usual role as composer and double-bassist in ensemble recordings, instead playing piano without any additional musicians. [source] This is not a performing seal act. This isn’t even Ornette … Continue reading Charles Mingus – Myself When I Am Real (1963)

New York Contemporary Five – Sound Barrier (1963)

Sound Barrier is from the album Consequences by New York Contemporary Five. Consequences is the debut album by the New York Contemporary Five featuring saxophonist Archie Shepp and John Tchicai, trumpeter Don Cherry, bassist Don Moore and drummer J.C.Moses.  The album was released on the Fontana label in 1963. [source] Consequences is recorded in New York City on August 23, 1963 except “Trio” recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 12, 1963 : … Continue reading New York Contemporary Five – Sound Barrier (1963)

Terry Riley – Music for the Gift III (1963)

Music for the Gift in 5 pieces, is recorded in Paris at Radio France in 1963. Music for the Gift part three is from the CD of same name by Terry Riley, released in 2000 on Cortial Foundation. This is the kick-off CD in the Terry Riley Archive Series sponsored by the Cortical Foundation label under their new imprint, Organ of Corti. This CD brings together … Continue reading Terry Riley – Music for the Gift III (1963)

Grachan MONCUR III – Evolution (full album) (1963)

 Evolution is the debut album by American trombonist Graham Moncur III recorded in 1963 and released on the Blue Note label. [source] All compositions by Grachan Moncur III :                                                                                 … Continue reading Grachan MONCUR III – Evolution (full album) (1963)

Charles Mingus – Solo Dancer (1963)

The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady is a studio album by American jazz musician Charles Mingus, released on Impulse! Records in 1963. The album consists of a single continuous composition—partially written as a ballet—divided into four tracks and six movements. The album was recorded on January 20, 1963 by an eleven-piece band made up of Mingus (double bass, piano), Jerome Richardson (soprano and baritone … Continue reading Charles Mingus – Solo Dancer (1963)