Matthew Shipp – Cohesion (2002)

Cohesion is the third track on the CD Equilibrium by the american pianist Matthew Shipp.

Equilibrium is a more complex extension of Shipp´s last album for the label, the stunning Nu Bop. Here, employing the talents of bassist William Parker, drummer Gerald Cleaver, vibraphonist Khan Jamal, and electronics and programming whiz FLAM, Shipp moves to extend the reach of all of his previous musical excursions by putting them all to work on a single recording. [source]

Tracks: Vamp To Vibe / Nebula Theory / Cohesion / World Of Blue Glass / Portal / The Root / The Key / Nu Matrix

Khan Jamal – Vibraphone
William Parker – Bass
Gerald Cleaver – Drums
Matthew Shipp – Piano
FLAM – synthesizers, electronics



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