Circle – Nefertitti (1971)

This live version of Wayne Shorters composition Nefertitti is the first track on the album Paris Concert by the quartet Circle.

Paris Concert is a live album by the short-lived jazz group Cirkle, which consisted of saxophonist Anthony Braxton, pianist Chick Corea, bassist David Holland and drummer Barry Altschul, recorded in 1971 and released on the EMC label. [source]

Tracks: Nefertitti / Song For The Newborn / Duet / Lookout Farm / 73° Kalvin (Variation ­ 3) / Toy Room ­ Q&A / No Greater Love

Anthony Braxton – Reeds, Percussion
Chick Corea – Piano
Dave Holland – Bass, Cello
Barry Altschul – Percussion




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