Sun Ra – My Favorite Things (1978)

From the double album New Steps by Sun Ra and his Quartet recorded in Italy in 1978 and originally released on the Italian Horo label.

“My Favorite Things” features Gilmore, and the listener’s first impulse may be to compare it to Coltrane’s classic version. But they are different treatments and Ra’s more conventional approach stands on its own terms. Michael Ray, a revelation throughout these recordings, here provides muted-trumpet obbligato. Ra seemed to be in a reflective mood during these sessions. Many of the tunes are medium to slow, and appear to have been created from the barest sketches. [source]

Personel: Sun Ra – piano / Crumar Mainman – organ, vocals / John Gilmore – tenor saxophone, percussion , vocals / Michael Ray – trumpet, vocals / Luqman Ali – drums



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