Pharoah Sanders – Astral Travelling (1970)

Astral Travelling is the first track on the album Thembi by Pharoah Sanders.

In this album, named after Sanders’s wife, the saxophonist moved away from the intense, lengthy, percussion-heavy jams he’d been pursuing in his solo work up to that point, and produced a record made up of shorter tracks, often with a more light and breezy feel. During the six selections, he and the other musicians play a huge variety of instruments – he alone plays tenor, alto and soprano sax, alto flute, fifes, bailophone (African thumb piano), various small percussion instruments, and even a cow horn. This adds to the air of typical 1970s avant-garde jazz experimentation, which gives rather an eccentric, if intriguing effect (on one track Cecil McBee is credited with “bird whistles”). [source]

Pharoah Sanders – tenor sax, soprano sax, bells, percussion / Michael White – violin, percussion / Lonnie Liston Smith – piano, electric piano, claves, percussion / Cecil McBee – bass, finger cymbal, percussion / Clifford Jarvis – drums, maracas, bells, percussion / James Jordan – ring cymbal



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