Guy Warren – J.A.I.S.I (Jazz As I See It) (1954)

J.A.I.S.I (Jazz As I See It) is last track on side A of the album Africa Speaks America Answers by Guy Warren With The Red Saunders Orchestra.

Guy Warren of Ghana (or Kofi Ghanaba) (4 May 1923 – 22 December 2008) was a Ghanaian musician, best known as the inventor of Afro-jazz and as a member of The Tempos. His virtuosity on the African drums earned him the appellation “The Divine Drummer”.

Max Roach said in 1974: “Ghanaba was so far ahead of what we were all doing, that none of us understood what he was saying, that in order for Afro-American music to be stronger, it must cross-fertilise with its African origins. Ghanaba’s conception, like that of Marcus Garvey, George Washington Carver etc. was beyond our grasp. We ignored him. Seventeen years later, Black Music in America has turned to Africa for inspiration and rejuvenation, and the African soundz of Ghanaba is now being imitated all over the United States where Afro American music is played”. [source]

Line up: Guy Warren & Red Saunders & His Orchestra  (Red SaundersJimmy Richardson), under the direction of Gene Esposito.




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