Fred Frith – Spring Any Day Now (1979)

From the album Gravaty by Fred Frith.

Gravity is a 1980 solo album by English guitarist, composer and improviser Fred Frith from Henry Cow and Art Bears. Gravity has been described as an avant-garde “dance” record that draws on rhythm and dance from folk music across the world. AllMusic called it one of the most important experimental guitar titles from Fred Frith. [source]

Fred Frith – guitar, bass guitar, violin, extra percussion / Lars Hollmer – piano, organ, accordion / Hans Bruniusson – drums / Eino Haapala – guitar, mandolin / Marc Hollander – alto saxophone, clarinet

Guests: Olivia Bruynhooghe – Tap Dance / Catherine Jauniaux – Performer [Whirling] /Catherine Jauniaux –  Handclaps / Chris Cutler – Handclaps / Denis Van Hecke – Handclaps  / Etienne Conod – Handclaps  / Frank Wuyts – Handclaps / Michel Berckmans – Handclaps / Olivia Bruynhooghe – Handclaps / Tina Curran – Handclaps / Veronique Vincent – Handclaps




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