Takashi Tsunoda & Fumio Nanri – The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise (1957)

Recorded : October, 1957.
Takashi Tsunoda is a pioneer of a jazz banjo in Japan.

Fumio Nanri – trumpet (born in 1910)
Tohru Mori – trombone (born in 1913)
Eiji Kitamura – clarinet (born in 1929)
Muneyoshi Nishiyo – cornet (born in 1931)
Kenichi Sonoda – trombone (born in 1929)
Yozuru Sera – piano (born in 1932)
Takashi Tsunoda – banjo (born in 1907)
Shigenori Obara – bass (born in 1912)
Jimmy Takeuchi – drums (born in 1931)




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