Ravi Coltrane – Spirit Fiction (2012)

The three first tracks Roads Cross, Klepto and Spirit Fiction from the album Spirit Fiction by Ravi Coltrane, is recorded in 2012.

Despite the metaphysical suggestion in Spirit Fiction´s title, this is Ravi Coltranes most cerebral, process-oriented recording to date. This does not mean, however, that his debut offering for Blue Note Records is dry or academic. There is an abundance of emotion and sensual detail, most of it expressed gently, with the confidence — and authority — of a veteran bandleader. [source]

Ravi Coltrane – Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Luis Perdomo –  Piano
Drew Gress – Bass
E.J. Strickland – Drums
Ralph Alessi – Trumpet
Geri Allen – Piano
James Genus – Bass
Eric Harland – Drums




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