Sonny Murray – Black Art (read by Amiri Baraka) (1965)

Black Art read by Amiri Baraka is the last track on the album Sonny’s Time Now  by Sonny Murray. Recorded in NY, November 1965. Murray’s first album as a leader, originally released on Amiri Baraka’s Jihad label in 1965.

Particularly of note is the Amiri Baraka (then-Leroi Jones) recitation, “Black Art.” While not altogether different than “Sweet-Black Dada Nihilismus,” a similar reading from the self-titled New York Art Quartet record, “Black Art” is a much more bleak and (at least potentially) upsetting piece. [source]

Henry Grimes – Bass
Louis Worrel – Bass
Sunny Murray – Percussion
Albert Ayler – Tenor Saxophone
Don Cherry – Trumpet
LeRoy Jones – Voice




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