Lee Morgan – Inner Passions Out (1971)

Inner Passions Out is from the album The Last session by Lee Morgan, recorded on September 17 & 18, 1971 at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Released on Blue Note in 1972.

the 17-minute “Inner Passions Out,” written by Waits, holds an Arabic feel with the drummer also playing a shenai-sounding recorder. One of the bandmembers (unidentified) on mbira prompts a two-note modal framework from the bass players in an underground-to-free romp stomp. It is unfortunate that the brilliant and forward-thinking Morgan was cut down at such a young age, for as the music was changing, he would have adapted, as this final statement valiantly suggests. [source]

A: Capra Black (B. Harper) (15:46) / B: In What Direction Are You Headed? (H. Mabern) (16:30) / C1: Angela (J. Merrit) (6:24) / C2: Croquet Ballett (B. Harper) (10:50) / D: Inner Passions Out (F. Waits) (17:40)

Lee Morgan – Trumpet
Grahan Moncur III – Trombone
Bobbi Humphrey – Flute
Billy Harper – Tenor Saxophone, Alto Flute
Harold Mabern Jr – Piano, Electric piano
Reggie Wokman – Bass, Percussion
Jymie Merrit – Electric Upright Bass
Freddie Waits – Drums, Recorder




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