Ahmed Abdullah – Life’s Force (1979)

Life’s Force is composed by Ahmed Abdullah and is the last track on his album by same name. It is recorded in New York City and was released in 1979.

The short-lived About Time label started off with this stimulating release from trumpeter Ahmed Abdullah. Abdullah, who has an appealing tone and an adventurous style, heads a sextet also including the french horn of Vincent Chancey, vibraphonist Jay Hoggard, cellist Munneer Abdul Fatah, bassist Jerome Hunter and drummer Rashied Sinan for explorations of five of his compositions plus Cal Massey´s “Assunata.” The unusual blend of colorful instruments is the prime reason to pick up this obscure Lp. [source]

Tracks: Eternal Spiraling Spirit / Assunta / Qhude / Song Of Tenderness / A Long Time Black / Life’s Force

Line Up : Jerome Hunter – Bass  / Muneer Abdul Fatah – Cello /  Rashied Sinan – Drums / Vincent Chancey – French Horn / Ahmed Abdullah – Trumpet / Jay Hoggard – Vibraphone



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