Emil Richards & The Microtonal Blues Band – Bliss (1968)

Bliss is the second track on the album Journey To Bliss by Emil Richards And The Microtonal Blues Band, released in 1968 on Impulse!.

Emil Richards, born Emilio Joseph Radocchia on September 2, 1932 in Hartford, Connecticut, is a percussionist who plays a variety of different percussion instruments. [source]

Tracks:  1. Maharimba/ 2. Bliss / 3. Mantra / 4. Enjoy, Enjoy / 5. Journey to Bliss – Part I / 6. Journey to Bliss – Part II / 7. Journey to Bliss – Part III / 8. Journey to Bliss – Part IV / 9. Journey to Bliss – Part V / 10. Journey to Bliss – Part VI

Line up:
Emil Richards –  marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, percussion
Dave Mackay –  piano, various percussion
Dennis Budimir – guitar
Tommy Tedesco – guitar
Ray Neapolitan – bass
Joe Porcaro – drums
Michael Craden – percussion
Mark Stevens – percussion
Barbara Gess – lyrics
Hagan Beggs – narration



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