Herbie Hancock – Maiden Voyage (Full Album) (1965)

Maiden Voyage is the fifth album led by jazz musician Herbie Hancock, and was recorded by Rudu Van Gelder on May 17, 1965 for Blue Note Records. It was issued as BLP 4195 and BST 84195. It is a concept album aimed at creating an oceanic atmosphere. Many of the song titles refer to marine biology or the sea, and the musicians develop the concept through their use of space and almost tidal dynamics. The album was presented with the Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 1999. According to Bob Blumenthal’s 1999 liner notes, “Blue Note logs indicate that an attempt had been made to record “Maiden Voyage”, “Little One” and “Dolphin Dance” six days earlier, with Hubbard on cornet and Stu Martin in place of Williams. Those performances were rejected at the time and have been lost in the ensuing years.” [source]

All compositions by Herbie Hancock:
Maiden Voyage (7:53)
The Eye of the Hurricane (5:57)
Little One (8:43)
Survival of the Fittest (9:59)
Dolphin Dance (9:16)

Herbie Hancock — Piano
Freddie Hubbard — Trumpet
George Coleman — Tenor saxophone
Ron Carter — Bass
Tony Williams — drums



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