Pharoah Sanders – Love Is Everywhere (1974)

Love is Everywhere is the first of two tracks on the album Love in Us All by American saxophonist and composer Pharoah Sanders released on the Impulse! label.

Recorded near the end of Pharoah Sanders’ tenure at Impulse, Love in Us All consists of two extended compositions. Together, they serve as an aural representation of the way Sanders’ music polarized the jazz world at the time. Like many of his “New Thing” peers, the saxophonist sought the sound world beyond the constraints of conventional harmony. This often translated into music played at the grating, far reaches of his instrument. [source]

Pharoah Sanders – Tenor Saxophone, Flute

Joe Bonner – Piano

James Branch – Flute

Cecil McBee – Bass

Lawrence Killian – Percussion

James Myume _ Percussion

Badal Roy – Percussion





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