Charles Mingus – Love Chant (1956)

Pithecanthropus Erectus is a 1956 album by jazz composer and bassist Charles Mingus. Mingus noted that this was the first album where he taught arrangements to his musicians by ear in lieu of writing everything down. [source] Tracks on Pithecanthropus Erectus: 1. Pithecanthropus Erectus – 10:36 / 2. A Foggy Day – 7:50 (George Gershwin) / 3. Profile of Jackie” – 3:11 / 4. Love Chant – 14:59 Line up: … Continue reading Charles Mingus – Love Chant (1956)

Jackie McLean – Combined Effort (1966)

Combined Effort is the seventh track on the album Jacknife by Jackie McLean. Jacknife is an album by American saxophonist Jackie McLean. It actually comprises two volumes, one recorded in 1965 and the other in 1966. They were originally given the catalogue number of BLP 4223 and BLP 4236, but were shelved for ten years and issued together in 1975 as a double LP, with the number BN-LA457-H2.  Whilst the 1965 … Continue reading Jackie McLean – Combined Effort (1966)

Grachan MONCUR III – Evolution (full album) (1963)

 Evolution is the debut album by American trombonist Graham Moncur III recorded in 1963 and released on the Blue Note label. [source] All compositions by Grachan Moncur III :                                                                                 … Continue reading Grachan MONCUR III – Evolution (full album) (1963)

Jackie McLean – It’s Time ! (Full Album) (1964)

Jackie McLean, had an unmistakable sound: a slightly-sharp-of-center intonation, percussive phrasing and a boundless, thoughtful energy to lift you up out of any depressive state. It’s Time (1964) opens with “Cancellation , a quintessential McLean piece, though written by trumpeter Charles Tolliver: quick popping rhythms with drum fills (from Roy Haynes) that lead into gutsy, extroverted modal improvisations emphasizing contextual interaction between all the musicians as … Continue reading Jackie McLean – It’s Time ! (Full Album) (1964)

Ray Draper Quintet – Terry Anne (1957)

The tunes on the date are a well-chosen mix of originals with a single standard thrown in as a nod to tradition. Draper’s potbellied horn is surprisingly agile on the changes, particularly on his own numbers “Jackie’s Dolly” and “Mimi’s Interlude.” Plump and viscous, it’s a sound that skates along the bedrock of the bass register while still managing to fire off quick salvos of … Continue reading Ray Draper Quintet – Terry Anne (1957)