Jackie McLean – It’s Time ! (Full Album) (1964)

Jackie McLean, had an unmistakable sound: a slightly-sharp-of-center intonation, percussive phrasing and a boundless, thoughtful energy to lift you up out of any depressive state.

It’s Time (1964) opens with “Cancellation , a quintessential McLean piece, though written by trumpeter Charles Tolliver: quick popping rhythms with drum fills (from Roy Haynes) that lead into gutsy, extroverted modal improvisations emphasizing contextual interaction between all the musicians as McLean, pianist Herbie Hancock and Haynes throw rhythmic ideas back and forth with great speed and skill. [source]

It´s Time  is recorded on August 5, 1964, at Van Gelder Studio in New Jersey. Released on Blue Note Records in 1964.

Tracks: Cancellation / Das Dat / It’s Time / Revillot / Snuff / Truth

Line up:

Jackie McLean – Alto saxophone  /  Charles Tolliver – Trumpet  /

Herbie Hancock – Piano  /  Cecil McBee – Bass  /  Roy Haynes – Drums


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