Sun Ra – Friendly Galaxy (1965)

When you need to keep your brain and heart vibrating, just listen to Sun Ra and the smile will spread like wildfire. Friendly Galaxy is from the album Secrets of the Sun by Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra, recorded at the Choreographers’ Workshop in 1962 in New York and released in 1965. This is an interesting album for Ra fans because it’s such a small band and shows … Continue reading Sun Ra – Friendly Galaxy (1965)

Anatoliy Vapirov – Mysteria (beginning) (1977)

This is side one of the album  Mysteria [Мистерия] by Anatoliy Vapirov [А. Вапиров], released on Мелодия [known as Melody, Melodia or Melodiya] in 1980. Anatoliy Vapirov is born 24 November 1947, Berdyansk, Ukraine. Vapirov studied clarinet at the Leningrad Conservatory and later became a professor of saxophone, pursuing parallel careers as an academic, classical saxophonist (with the Leningrad State Symphony Orchestra and the Kirov Opera and Ballet … Continue reading Anatoliy Vapirov – Mysteria (beginning) (1977)

Pierre Cavalli – Concerto for Electric Guitars (1973)

Spaced out use of guitars, from the seventies Switzerland. Last track on the album Sitting On My Guitar by Pierre Cavalli, Recorded at Braun Electronic Studio, released on Pick. Antonio Conde – Bass / Gustavo Hubka – Drums / Rolf Bänninger – Drums / Pierre Cavalli – Guitar Hear 2:36 minutes of the 10:36 minutes long piece: Seldom seen Swiss lp released in 1973, it contains some incredible tracks … Continue reading Pierre Cavalli – Concerto for Electric Guitars (1973)