Anatoliy Vapirov – Mysteria (beginning) (1977)

This is side one of the album  Mysteria [Мистерия] by Anatoliy Vapirov [А. Вапиров], released on Мелодия [known as Melody, Melodia or Melodiya] in 1980.

Anatoliy Vapirov is born 24 November 1947, Berdyansk, Ukraine. Vapirov studied clarinet at the Leningrad Conservatory and later became a professor of saxophone, pursuing parallel careers as an academic, classical saxophonist (with the Leningrad State Symphony Orchestra and the Kirov Opera and Ballet Theatre) and, increasingly, as a virtuoso jazz performer. Initially working with the jazz rock Music-Hall Orchestra in the late 60s, Vapirov rapidly broadened his repertoire to include all styles of jazz, from big band swing to the borders of free-form and contemporary composition. By the early 80s he had established himself as the leading saxophonist in the USSR, winning critics’ polls in the Russian jazz magazine Kvadrat (Chorus) and releasing Misteriya for jazz soloist and symphony orchestra, on the state-owned label Melodiya. Although he did not lead a regular group, he worked frequently with Sergey Kuryokhin (piano), Alexander Alexandrov (bassoon), Vladimir Volkov (bass) and Valentina Ponomareva (vocals). [source]

1. Mysteria (beginning)
2. Mysteria (ending)

Anatoliy Vapirov – tenor & soprano saxophone
Boris Lebedinsky – guitar
V. Dunayevsky – bass
Daniel Martin – drums

(the album also features an uncredited choir)



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