Le Nimba De N’Zerekore – Kori Magnin (1980)

Kori Magnin is the second track on the album Le Nimba De N’Zerekore – Gön Bia Bia, released in 1980. Nimba de N’Zerekore is the name of a  market town in Guinea’s forested south east highlands, and the musicians is people from that city. Wild rhythms, spiky guitars and blasting saxes; the sound of West Africa 1980.

Tracks: A1: Gon Biya Bia (7:50) / A2: Kori Magnin (4:25) / A3: Ziko (4:10) / B1:  Babaniko (8:35) / B2: Kongoroko (4:55) / B3: Zoo Mousso (4:42)

Musicians from the city of Nimba N’zékékoré / Moussa Konate – Engineer Recording  / Samaké Namakan – Leader. Released on Editions Syliphone Conakry ‎Records.

Full Album:


Le Nimba de N'zerekore, front



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