Eero Koivistoinen Music Society – Hot C (1972)

Hot C is first track on the album Wahoo! by finnish  Eero Koivistoinen Music Society, recorded at Finnvox-Studios December 1st to 29th 1972.

For some time Wahoo! has been a jealously guarded secret of DJs and collectors. Jon Newey, in his Jazzwise review, states that only 600 copies of the original LP were pressed, and further claims that those originals can often be found for as much as $500. The UK-based reissue label Whatmusic has thankfully brought it to the masses, available with its original artwork on LP or CD-digipak. Recorded in 1972 with a one-off group, Wahoo! more than measures up to its reputation by delivering an incendiary brew of 70s fusion. It is everything that fusion should have been: raw, electric chaos held together by in-the-pocket beats and a muscular low-end. The music does not fall prey to any of the pitfalls that sank so much of the 70s’ over-intellectualized pseudo-funk (i.e. wimpy synthesizers, tricky time signatures played with technical rigor mortis and extended noodling). Moreover, the production catches all the rough edges and the mixing layers the meaty rhythms created by the set-up of two drummers, two bassists and two guitarists. [source]

Personnel: Eero Koivistoinen – Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Sopraninio Saxophone / Olli Ahvenlahti – Fender Rhodes / Matti Kurkinen – Electric Guitars /Ilja Saastamoinen – Electric Guitars / Ilkka Willman – Bass / Heikki Virtanen – Bass /Reino Laine – Drums, Percussion / Esko Rosnell – Drums, Percussion / Sabu Martinez – Drums, Percussion / Edward Vesala – Drums, Percussion / Kaj Backlund – Trumpet / Juhani Aalto – Trombone / Juhani Aaltonen – Reeds / Unto Haapa – Reeds / Unto Haapa -Aho – Reeds




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