Jakob Bro – Weightless (2009)

Weightless is the first track on the album Balladeering by Jakob Bro, released on Loveland records.

More than anything, Bro could be termed “a listening musician.” He creates his poetic compositions as open structures that invite interpretation. It is Bro’s special gift that he is able to make music both melodically enchanting and not locked in predefined patterns.

The opener, “Weightless,” is an example of how a simple melodic guitar figure is expanded and transcended into a translucent texture of sounds, with drummer Paul Motian’s feathery touch working around the complex tapestry of guitar lines created by Bro and fellow guitarist Bill Frisell.  [source]

Tracks: Weightless / Evening Song / Vraa / Starting Point (Acoustic) /Greenland / Terrace Place / Sort; Starting Point (Electric).

Jakob Bro – Guitar

Bill Frisell – Guitar

Lee Konitz – Alto saxophone

Ben Street – Bass

Paul Motian – Drums.










[via Adrian Aurelius]


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