Archie Shepp – Sous le ciel de Paris (2001)

Sous le ciel de Paris is written by Hubert Yves Adrien Giraud. This version is the secondlast track on the CD Deja Vu by Archie Shepp, recorded in NYC in 2001 and released in 2001 on Venus Records.

Archie Shepp has long established a reputation as a fiery avant-garde jazz stylist, though he is remarkably restrained in this collection of ballads recorded in 2001. The rhapsodic songs help restrain him somewhat, along with the presence of the terrific rhythm section, consisting of pianist Harold Mabern, bassist George Mraz, and drummer Billy Drummond. [source]

Archie Shepp – Tenor Saxophone, Harold Mabern – Piano,  George Mraz – Bass, Billy Drummond – Drums



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