Hank Jones – I Remember You (1977)


I Remember You and Young No More is the first two tracks from the album I Remember You with Hank Jones.

Made for the French Black & Blue label and released in the U.S. on a Classic Jazz LP, this outing features pianist Hank Jones emphasizing the swing side of his flexible musical personality. Teamed up with bassist George Duvivier and drummer Oliver Jackson, Jones adds beauty and melodic ideas to such veteran numbers as “You Took Advantage of Me,” “Love Walked In,” “Like Someone In Love” and (easily the most recent tune) Bobby Timmons´ “Dat Dere.” A fine set that will be difficult to find. [source]

Tracks : 1. I Remember You / 2. Young No More / 3. Love Walked In / 4. Dat Dere /                      5. I’ll Be Around / 6. Like Someone In Love / 7. Theme For Jobim /                                                        8. You Took Advantage Of Me / 9. Let’s Fall In Love / 10. It’s The Talk Of The Town.

Line up : Hank Jones –  Piano / George Duvivier –  Bass / Oliver Jackson – drums.



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