Ornette Coleman Quartet – Just for You (1960)

Just for You is the second track on The Art of the Improvisers.

The Art of the Improvisers is an album by the American jazz composer and saxophonist Ornette Coleman featuring tracks recorded between 1959 and 1961 which was first released on the Atlantic label in 1970. [source]

All compositions by Ornette Coleman

A1 The Circle With A Hole In The Middle (4:53)
A2 Just For You (3:48)
A3 The Fifth Of Beethoven (6:35)
A4 The Alchemy Of Scott La Faro (8:48)
B1 Moon Inhabitants (4:28)
B2 The Legend Of Bebop (7:14)
B3 Harlem’s Manhattan (8:10)


Ornette Coleman – Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Don Cherry – Cornet, Trumpet
Billy Higgins – Drums (tracks: A1, A2), Ed Blackwell – Drums (tracks: A3 to B3)
Charlie Haden – Bass (A1 to A3, B1, B2), Jimmy Garrison – Bass (tracks: B3), Scott LaFaro – Bass (tracks: A4)



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