Wayne Shorter – Yes or No (1964)

“Yes or No” is the second track on the B-side on JuJu.

JuJu is an album by Wayne Shorter , recorded and released on Blue Note in 1964.

The album shows the strong influence of John Coltrane, with whom Shorter had studied as an undergraduate, and whose style is reflected here both in performance and composition. On “JuJu”, Shorter’s timbre is rather astringent, and his phrases are long and volatile; neither quality is typical of his later work. “Yes or No” is reminiscent harmonically of Coltrane’s “Moment’s Notice” from Blue Train; and “House of Jade”, like later Shorter ballads (including “Infant Eyes” from Speak No Evil) is similar in melody and structure to “Naima”. [source]

Wayne Shorter – Tenor Saxophone / McCoy Tyner – Piano /                                                           Reggie Workman – Bass / Elvin Jones – Drums

Here is the full album, JuJu, all compositions by Wayne Shorter :


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