Alice Coltrane – I Want to See You (1968)

A Monastic Trio is the first solo album by Alice Coltrane. Recorded in 1968, she intended it to be a tribute to her husband, John Coltrane who had died the year before.
The Allmusic review by Thom Jurek awarded the album 4 stars stating “Musically, the works here move from the deep bluesy modal structures that Alice Coltrane so loved in John’s repertoire… All of these works, with their deep Eastern tinges in the intervals juxtaposed against Western blues phrasing, are wondrously droning and emotional exercises” [source]


A1: “Ohnedaruth” (7:49) / A2: “Gospel Trane” (6:44) / A3: “I Want to See You” (6:42)
B1: “Lovely Sky Boat” (6:51) / B2: “Oceanic Beloved” (4:18) / B3: “Atomic Peace” (5:53)

Jimmy Garrison – Bass
Ben Riley – Drums (tracks A1)
Rashied Ali – Drums ( A2 – B3)
Alice Coltrane – Piano, Harp


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