The New York Art Quartet – No. 6 (1965)

This No. 6  is track number four on the album Mohawk by The New York Art Quartet, recorded by Rudi Van Gelder in New York City on July 16, 1965 and released same year on Fontana. The New York Art Quartet was a free jazz ensemble made up of saxophonist John Tchicai, trombonist Rosewll Rudd, drummer Milford Graves and and bassists Leewis Worrell, Reggie Workman and Finn Von Eyben. They formed in 1964.

The important thing about our music is that it must be heard and listened to without preconceived ideas as to how jazz should sound – listen to it as MUSIC and let that be the only label!
You might call this tonal or atonal music, but that is just as meaningless as the terms consonants and dissonants: Schoenberg ridiculed “atonal”, saying that it means “without tone”.
It has been said about this music that it is too easy just to give up all the already accepted rules, and too easy to make funny sounds and meaningless noises – whereto I can only say to people and listeners who do not think that we are honest musicians trying to say things our way: “Isn’t it much more demanding on the artist to have to make up whole new rules and a whole new system, than to just build on a system that already exists?”
There is so much talk about the


of this music, but the musician still has to abide to the rules of artistical responsibility, and they should never forget that whichever way the technique develops: the content (the feeling) must always be there (passion, energy, lyric, strength).

– John Tchicai (1965) [source]

Rufus 3rd ( J. Tchicai ) / Mohawk ( Charlie Parker ) /
Banging On The White House Door ( R. Rudd ) / No. 6 ( J. Tchicai ) /
Everything Happens To Me ( Dennis, Adair ) / Quintus T. ( J. Tchicai ) / Sweet V. ( R. Rudd )
Line up:
John Tchicai – Alto Saxophone
Reggie Workman – Bass
Milford Graves – Drums
Rosewell Rudd – Trombone


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