Ornette Coleman – Macho Woman (1976)

Macho Woman is from the album Body Meta by Ornette Coleman from 1976.

The establishing of Ornette Coleman’s self-determining Artists House label and his electric double-trio Prime Time coincided with the release of Body Meta, which changed many of the business and musical contours of jazz in the mid- to late ’70s. Coleman proved that jazz musicians could determine their own fate and market their music without a major-label contract. He also advanced the orientation of jazz away from swing rhythms and into a deeper blues driven by funk and angular electric guitars inspired by the precepts of Thelonious Monk [source]

A1: Voice Poetry (8:08)
A2: Home Grown (7:43)
B1: Macho Woman (7:40)
B2: Fou Amour (8:35)
B3: European Echoes (9:38)

Jamaaladeen Tacuma (Bass)
Ornette Coleman (Alto Saxophone)
Ronald Shannon Jackson (Drums)
Bern Nix (Guitar)
Charlie Ellerbee (Guitar)


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