Ornette Coleman – Love Words (1979)

Love Words is From the album Of Human Feelings by Ornette Coleman, recorded: April 25, 1979 at Columbia Recording Studio, N.Y., N.Y. Of Human Feelings explores jazz-funk music and continues Coleman’s harmolodic approach to improvisation with Prime Time, whom he introduced on his 1975 album Dancing in Your Head. [source] Denardo Coleman – Drums / Ornette Coleman – Alto Saxophone / Charlie Ellerbee – Guitar … Continue reading Ornette Coleman – Love Words (1979)

Jayne Cortez – Maintain Control/Economic Love Song I (1986)

First two tracks from the album Maintain Control by Jayne Cortez And The Firespitters. Jayne Cortez (May 10, 1936 – December 28, 2012) was an American poet, and performance artist. Cortez was born May 10, 1936 in Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and grew up in California. She was the author of ten books of poems and performed her poetry with music on nine recordings. Cortez presented her work and ideas … Continue reading Jayne Cortez – Maintain Control/Economic Love Song I (1986)

Ornette Coleman – Him and Her (1979)

Him and Her is track number three on the album Of Human Feelings by Ornette Coleman, released 1979 on Antilles. Side one: 1) Sleep Talk, 2) Jump Street, 3) Him and Her, 4) Air Ship Side two: 1) What Is The Name Of That Song ?, 2) Job Mob, 3) Love Words, 4) Times Square When one thinks of Ornette Coleman´s innovative Prime Time Band, it is … Continue reading Ornette Coleman – Him and Her (1979)

Ornette Coleman – Macho Woman (1976)

Macho Woman is from the album Body Meta by Ornette Coleman from 1976. The establishing of Ornette Coleman’s self-determining Artists House label and his electric double-trio Prime Time coincided with the release of Body Meta, which changed many of the business and musical contours of jazz in the mid- to late ’70s. Coleman proved that jazz musicians could determine their own fate and market their music … Continue reading Ornette Coleman – Macho Woman (1976)