Joe Harriett John Mayer – Song before Sunrise (1968)

During the late 1960s Joe Harriett and violinist John Mayer developed Indo-Jazz Fusion – an early attempt at building on music from diverse traditions. This involved a ‘double quintet’ of five Indian and five jazz musicians playing together on a number of compositions largely conceived by Mayer. Opinion is divided on the success of these experiments. At their best, they offered a new and unique fusion of styles, but at times one can also detect a restriction on the freedom of the jazzmen to improvise. Three albums resulted from the collaboration with Mayer: Indo Jazz Suite (Atlantic 1966) Indo Jazz Fusions Volume 1 and 2 (Columbia (UK) 1967 and 1968Joe Harriott, Jamaican jazz mucisian and composer, initially a bebopper, became a pioneer of free form jazz. He was educated at Kingston’s famed Alpha Boys School, which produced a number of prominent Jamaican musicians. He moved to the UK as a working musician in 1951 and lived in the country for the rest of his life. [source]
The line up:
Joe Harriott (alto saxophone)
John Mayer (violin, harpsichord)
Shake Keane (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Chris Taylor (flute)
Pat Smythe (piano)
Diwan Motihar (sitar)
Chandrahas Paigankar (tambura)
Coleridge Goode (bass)
Alan Ganley (drums)
Keshav Sathe (tabla)


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