Miles Davis – Lonely Fire (1970)

Lonely Fire is recorded 27 January 1970 in Columbia Studio B, and appears on the album Big Fun. Lineup:  Miles Davis – trumpet / Wayne Shorter – tenor saxophone / Bennie Maupin – bass clarinet / Khalil Balakrishna – sitar, Indian instruments / Chick Corea – electric piano / Joe Zawinul – electric piano, Farfisa organ / Dave Holland – double bass / Harvey Brooks – Fender … Continue reading Miles Davis – Lonely Fire (1970)

Joe Harriett John Mayer – Song before Sunrise (1968)

During the late 1960s Joe Harriett and violinist John Mayer developed Indo-Jazz Fusion – an early attempt at building on music from diverse traditions. This involved a ‘double quintet’ of five Indian and five jazz musicians playing together on a number of compositions largely conceived by Mayer. Opinion is divided on the success of these experiments. At their best, they offered a new and unique fusion of styles, … Continue reading Joe Harriett John Mayer – Song before Sunrise (1968)