Miles Davis – Riot (1967)

The fourth album by Miles Davis’ second classic quintet, Nefertiti is best known for the unusual title track, on which the horn section repeats the melody numerous times without individual solos while the rhythm section improvises underneath, reversing the traditional role of a rhythm section. Also featured are the lilting ballad “Fall”, Williams’s “Hand Jive”, a more bobbish composition, and the other pieces showcase the group’s unique post-bop approach. Both “Nefertiti” and “Riot” entered the Davis quintet’s live set. The music of Nefertiti, while mostly low-key and impressionistic, is rooted in hard bop. [source]

Ron carter (Bass)

Tony Williams (Drums)

Herbie Hancock (Piano)

Wayne Shorter (Tenor Saxophone)

Miles Davis (Trumpet)


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