Tomasz Stańko Quintet – My Night, My Day (1973)

Purple Sun is a festive fusion album that works well within the constraints of the idiom and avoids all its pitfalls. Stanko and company liberally mix On the Corner-era Miles Davis with the tonal advancements of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. The addition of well-thought out melodies makes this one of the finer and most tasteful statements in an often-overworked genre. “Boratka/Flute’s Ballad” and “Falir” are rooted in the loose meandering of Miles’ early ’70’s work-slinky vamps, riffing rather than walking bass, and lengthy solo segments. Purple Sun is more successful if only because Hartmann is a much more inventive bassist than Michael Henderson. Stanko’s playing on these tracks is also very reminiscent of Miles, especially because of the layers of echo added to his tone. The two shorter pieces are actually the more interesting, “My Night My Day” sporting a melody that would make a James Bond soundtrack proud and the title track layering a celebratory unison horn line over funky fast-paced rhythmic accompaniment. [Source]

Bass – Hans Hartmann
Drums, Percussion – Janusz Stefański
Saxophone [Soprano, Tenor], Flute, Percussion – Janusz Muniak
Trumpet – Tomasz Stańko
Violin, Saxophone [Alto] – Zbigniew Seifert


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